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SecureNet is complete Parental Control Software for monitoring the computer & internet activity that protects your Child from harmful content and other dangers on the internet. SecureNet is for every responsible person who has some worry about the illegal activity on the internet and computer.

SecureNet helps parents to protect and monitor kid’s computer (online/offline) activity. Use SecureNet to see how your child uses the Internet, to set responsible time limits, to block dangerous or inappropriate content, and to monitor for signs of cyber bullying and online predators.

SecureNet is Parental Control Software that has been one of the most popular methods of monitoring and blocking access to inappropriate content and that allow parents to choose appropriate content for their children. Depending on your requirements, the majority of parental control software allows parents to impose time restrictions, block access to inappropriate websites, and monitor chat conversations and social network activity.

  • Block access of Porn Sites
  • Block Virus & Child Abuse Sites
  • Block harmful content
  • Block Keywords
  • Time Based Access of Internet or Sites
  • Parent Permission to Install/Uninstall Software>
  • Automatic Screenshots
  • View Screenshots on Web
  • Protect and monitor without child knowledge
  • Restrict games or applications in their devices
  • View and manage their activities from anywhere

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