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Democracy is based on Voting and our constitution is providing rights to every Indian to cast his/her vote. Now when everything is going online why not voting.

There are many challenges with e-Voting like:

  • Vote can be cast after checking of voter’s identity.
  • Voting details should be kept secret
  • Integrity of voting and every vote

OSMO IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. provides world’s very first e-Voting Solution based on Digital Signature and Online Authenticity of Voters. Our solution is uniquely designed to maintain all constitutional requirements for online voting. It is checking the identity of every voter online and also maintaining the secrecy voting details by encryption.

Main highlights of solution:

  • 2048 bit of encryption
  • Based on Indian IT Act 2000-2008 norms of Digital Signature
  • Only authorized user can decrypt the information
  • Works on every internet device (Laptop, PC, Tablet & Smart Phones)
  • Based on Open Source Technology

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