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Digitally Secure Mail

In the flow of data online security of e-mail is most important concern of every Government department. e-mail is the fastest possible way to send written information from one point to another but the issue is security of sensitive and confidential information.

OSMO IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. introduces India’s first Digital Signature based encrypted e-mail solution. First ever solution, which uses Digital Signature to encrypt the e-mails, only recipient, can decrypt the text and read it by his/her digital signature. Solution is using digital signature under the Indian IT Act 2000-2008 for encryption of e-mails. It provides highly secure 2048 bit of encryption of e-mails and it is almost impossible to decrypt the information without the related private key.

Main highlights of solution:

  • 2048 bit of encryption
  • Based on Indian IT Act 2000-2008 norms of Digital Signature
  • Only authorized user can decrypt the information
  • Works on every internet device (Laptop, PC, Tablet & Smart Phones)
  • Can be integrated with existing e-Mail Solution.
  • Based on Open Source Technology

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